What we do?

We tokenize real estate into digital assets

based on blockchain technology.

Who are we?

In MountX, we enable global access to real estate assets, with a focus on inclusion, transparency and tradability.

  • We innovate quickly to stay ahead of exponential change

  • We believe that technology enables global opportunities and generates new business ideas

  • We defend a culture of loyalty, trust and contribution to our clients, employees and the society where we have reached.


We take security and compliance very serious; Our tokenization is regulated by the Security Exchange Commission in the US, complying with the highest levels of security with international Know you Customer and Anti Money Laundering for all our investors.

We work with real estate professionals locally to secure compliance for all our investments.

How we do it?

Digital Platform

MountX is a digital platform that manages the entire lifecycle of the investment.


We give access to our international community of investors through crowdfunding that allows for a smaller initial investment.


Our in-house team carefully analyse market opportunities, to make smarter decisions with data-driven investment analysis

Digital Tokens

We transform a property into digital tokens using blockchain technology.


Finally we manage and give liquidity by connecting to a secondary market.


Company Profile

MountX is working to capitalize on the rapidly expanding alternative finance ecosystem, through real estate crowdfunding in the North American market (Canada, Mexico, US). MountX´s commitment is to provide safe and stable international investment opportunities for people who want to diversify globally. To liberate investors from traditional financial solutions. And to build a community of forward-thinkers looking for exponential growth.

Our Team

MountX partners has more than 20 years of experience in real estate investment, entrepreneurship and technology. We believe that with knowledge, commitment and generating an exponential culture, we can help people achieve their financial goals.


Canada | Mexico | USA

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