MountX & Vertalo Choose Tezos For First-Ever Tokenization of Real Estate in Mexico

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MountX CEO demonstrates the ease of use by instantly tokenizing two Mexican real estate properties live on YouTube in a first-ever self-serve offering

November 6, 2020 -- Austin, TX & Querétaro, MX -- Vertalo, the transfer agent that connects and enables the digital asset ecosystem, and MountX Real Estate Capital the international real estate crowdfunding platform, are proud to announce the completion of the first successful tokenization of real estate in the country of Mexico, to date. MountX, by utilizing the Vertalo platform, has tokenized two apartments in Queretaro, Mexico for a total price of $5.2 million Pesos / $250,000 USD. This is the beginning of a larger, scaled effort by MountX to digitize and tokenize residential real estate at scale.

Earlier this year, MountX and Vertalo announced their partnership and plan to design and launch 15+ digital real estate projects in Mexico and Canada over 2020 and early 2021. Within just 3 months, 2 real estate properties in Mexico have been successfully tokenized on the Tezos blockchain. This allows for the ownership of MountX’s real estate to be transformed into a digital vehicle, enabling connectivity throughout the digital asset ecosystem. Benefits of this process include access to an on-chain shareholder registry with triple-entry bookkeeping, API connections to broker-dealers, custodians, portable eligibility with KYC/AML investor verification processes, secondary liquidity via partner ATS’s, and key-less custodial blockchain wallets via Vertalo.

Vertalo Real Estate (VRE), the Pennsylvania-based division of Austin TX-based Vertalo, has been working extensively with MountX to make real estate-specific digitization offerings available for more issuers and investors on an international level. Through this integrative partnership, Vertalo VRE has expanded to global markets and provides MountX with opportunities that were not previously available due to the localized and fragmented nature of the real estate. The closing of these first two units is representative of the emerging adoption of real-world asset tokenization around the world.

Vertalo Founder and CEO Dave Hendricks see Real Estate as a large but fragmented asset class that will directly benefit from this user-friendly digital asset technology. , “MountX is leading by example by advancing the use of digital asset technology to serve the North and Latin American real estate technology industry. Key to this effort is cost control. If tokenization is going to work for lower-priced assets, it’s critical to leverage a chain such as Tezos where unpredictable fees and high gas costs don’t diminish investor gains at times of secondary trading. We are excited and grateful to have the opportunity to implement revolutionary and capital-efficient technology and techniques on an international stage with such a great team, led by Enrique Suárez, MountX's Co-Founder and CEO.”

MountX Co-founder & CEO, Enrique Suarez says, “It is a very exciting time, we are empowering real estate with technology that will give access to millions of people to invest and unlock the wealth creation through real estate. We had been working with Vertalo ́s team on integrating top technology for compliance, escrow, digital signatures to create an amazing customer experience for our investors.”

The tokenization in Mexico is only the first of an initiative to tokenize several properties in MountX's portfolio. Next on the list is a series of Canadian properties that MountX intends to offer to North and Latin American investors. This international initiative is helping to expand the presence of real estate in the digital asset ecosystem on a global scale. Vertalo continues to position themselves as the leading digital transfer agent for tokenization in the real estate industry.

About Vertalo

Launched after their own March 2018 STO, Vertalo is a B2B SaaS company founded to map the gaps between primary and secondary trading of digital securities offerings. As the ‘Operating System for Digital Assets’, Vertalo is focused on connecting and enabling the digital asset economy, providing an industry-leading cap table and investor onboarding solution that facilitates direct ownership and direct listing of any private asset. In addition to offering direct issuance services to private companies, Vertalo also offers white-label, licensed, and joint venture opportunities to capital advisors, broker-dealers, and investment banks. A subsidiary of SeriesX, Vertalo is headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in New York City and Seoul. Learn more about SeriesX and Vertalo​.

About MountX Real Estate Capital

Since its foundation in November 2019, Mountx Real Estate Capital has been dedicated to transforming the LATAM real estate investment industry by giving Hispanic investors the same direct access to international real estate that institutions have always had, by leveraging tech & digital to build the next generation of global real estate investment platform, powered by blockchain (tokenization), virtual reality & artificial intelligence. At MountX, we innovate rapidly to stay on the leading edge of exponential change, we believe that technology enables global opportunities & business ideas, and we stand for a culture of loyalty, trust and contribution to our customers, employees and society where we have reached.

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