Technology has the potential to reduce the poverty of more than 3.4 billion people

Thanks to UNISSU for inviting us to be part of their group of experts in PropTech and FinTech. A few months ago our Co-Founder & CEO, Enrique Suárez gave a talk about the importance of technology and the clear benefits that the implementation of technological tools can offer to sectors such as Real Estate.

During the talk, topics such as tokenization, the blockchain will be touched, and the great power that these technologies can bring to accelerate the reduction of the difference in global wealth was mentioned.

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A very important factor is that only 0.9% of the world's population owns 43.9% of the world's wealth.

Similarly, only a small percentage of the world's population has access to banking services and consequently, this limits their ability to save and generate wealth.

Like many investors who follow the Real Estate market already know, the total market value is $ 280 trillion dollars, this being one of the most important, stable and safe markets of all time.

Imagine if we could access the Real Estate market as an investment vehicle accessible to all?

This can be achieved thanks to tokenization. Tokenization is the process of representing a property or an asset by issuing a "Token" that lives in an infrastructure called Blockchain.

What are the great advantages of tokenization?

  • Immutability: is when an operation is registered and cannot be changed

  • Economic: since it does not require bureaucratic procedures that often make operations more expensive

  • Automation: “smart contracts” are generated that are executed according to the established clauses

  • Transparency: being a decentralized network, anyone can review the history of registered transactions

  • Inclusiveness: thanks to tokenization more people can participate in the acquisition of an asset "Token"

  • Liquidity: one of the greatest advantages that tokenization brings to the real estate market is liquidity since traditionally this is a market with little liquidity

  • Speed: transactions are made and recorded in real-time, giving greater certainty and confidence.

Time to change the game

With this technology, we have for the first time the opportunity to change the real estate game and open it to millions of people.

This is how at MountX we have decided to change the rules of the game and open the real estate market for any investor or person interested in starting to invest in fractions of the best international real estate.

Are you ready to start investing exponentially?

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