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What is real estate Crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding is a new way of investing in real estate without having to invest a large amount of money since the purchase of real estate is done jointly with other investors.

It is the managers of these platforms who analyze different projects for the sale and reform of buildings, premises and homes in cities with a large number of inhabitants. Once the best ones have been selected, they are published within the crowdfunding platform so that investors can choose the project that best suits them.

Previously, in order to invest in these platforms, a process of paperwork, bureaucratization and investment analysis is carried out. Today and thanks to blockchain technology these processes have been simplified.

Thanks to these new processes, investors can invest in bricks with very little financial outlay.

How does real estate Crowdfunding work?

Within the platforms there is the opportunity to invest in different real estate purchase projects, where each project includes all the necessary data so that investors can make a decision based on data that may be the following:

  • Project's name

  • Return

  • Minimum investment

  • Weather

  • Property type

  • Project financing term

  • Target IRR

  • Multiple equities

  • Type of asset

  • Stabilized cash in cash

Once the total investment is completed, the property purchase process begins and the investment begins, which is maintained until the term stipulated by the platform managers. In this case, the investor must comply with the minimum investment time.

Advantages of real estate crowdfunding

One of the great advantages of real estate crowdfunding is that it offers you the opportunity to invest in large real estate projects with little money.

The second great advantage is that it opens up real estate investment to the general public.

All investors can follow the investment performance thanks to the technology carried by crowdfunding platforms.

Investors have the opportunity to study the types of projects offered by the platforms and choose which one they want to invest in.

Real estate crowdfunding is a great alternative to traditional investments since the investor can enter and exit the project if they risk being tied to long-term investment.

MountX is an international real estate crowdfunding platform dedicated to opening real estate investments, inaccessible and complex for anyone.

We invite you to contact us at team@mountx.io

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